15.5 m.sq. The engine’s fuel consumption was estimated from the engine manufacturer's specifications. 1 Stein 98 (page 173.) Mexico, Missouri, 65265  USA. 1,110 Lbs.    Fuselage Online community for active Zenith builders, owners and pilots, Zenith Aircraft 4 Ft. 9 ln. Flight Rules:VFR # of Seats:2. Click Here, STOL CH 701 14. 19 sq. With custom eagle livery, large oversized tundra tires and bubble pilot/copilot side windows. "We estimate the time of the crash to actually have occurred around 4:50 in the morning on Thursday," Brown said at the crash site. The STOL CH 701 was not designed to be just another ‘pretty’ light aircraft, but was engineered to offer outstanding short take-off and landing performance, all-metal durability, and unparalleled ease of construction. Short-field performance is where the STOL CH 701 aircraft truly excels: It is airborne in less than 120 feet of unprepared grass, or 90 feet of hard surface, at gross weight. Prop 1 Overhaul Time:153 SNEW. At approx. ZENITH WHEEL / BRAKES SET • WANTED • Need wheels / brakes for 701 or 750. With form following function, the STOL CH701 looks like a 'Sky Jeep', as it is often called by its owners. and are given at standard atmosphere, sea level, no Aircraft has sought-after Rotax 912 ULS … wind, unless otherwise indicated. Most alternative engines will require a custom STOL CH 701 Performance and Specifications: Real Short Take Off and Landing performance. 701: In this table I have compared Zenith's CH-701 and CH-750 and ICP's Savannah VG, Savannah XL and Savannah S. The Savannah XL and S have identical specifications and performance figures so I have treated them as one. and used to be ~95 mph. Zenith Aircraft Company does not manufacture Company 0.0 13.75 Lbs./BHP 41 Inches 110 MPH 65. 500 kg. 7.5 m. height: 10 ft. 0 in. The Zenith 701, designed and first introduced in 1986 by Chris Heintz, is a “STOL” (Short TakeOff and Landing) aircraft, powered by the now legendary Rotax 912 100HP air cooled engine. Rotation is possible by the time full throttle setting is applied, and lift-off can begin at 25 mph (in ground effect, with no wind) – all within less than four seconds from stand still. Design and development. The CH 801 is based on the general design and features of the smaller two-place STOL CH 701 model. Company: 2013-05-06, Download schematic views of the STOL CH Go low buck used O200 and a used prop you might get done for ~$30k or a bit over. Due to the gross weight and stall speed limitations of the Sport Pilot / Light-Sport Aircraft category, it is recommended that the aircraft be kept “as light as possible” if planning to operate the aircraft in this category. This aircraft has a fabulously interesting story. * TAS is indicated airspeed corrected for temperature and altitude. 750 Cruzer suitable for some engines. Saved by Zenith Aircraft Company. It was transported (via the USA) to Australia in 2006 and a trusty Rotax 912UL was fitted. The corrections are approximate. 701 assembly. The following performance and specification figures are based on the production prototype STOL CH 801 equipped with the Lycoming O-360-A engine (180 BHP: 400 lbs. ZENITH 750 STOL • $55,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • Zenith 750 Stol, 2013 with NEW O-200 continental engine. Engine 1 Overhaul Time:153 SNEW. The Zenith 702 is a twin-seat high-performance STOL aircraft with fixed landing gear and high mounted wings. Zenith Aircraft Company cannot guarantee that the aircraft, as constructed by the builder, will meet the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft. Design Info Built by Ivan Smith, in Nairobi (Kenya) in 2002, it was powered with a VW engine. (60kg) installed weight, it is the lightest 4-cylinder 4-stroke aircraft engine of this output available. for a full-size view | Click here for Max speed is now somewhere close to 110 mph. More likely closer to $40k, figure a decent plane ready to fly for $36k with no fancy stuff. Land/nav/strobe lights, vortex generators, sliding seats, center console, 30 gal. The STOL CH 701 was never meant to be just another pretty light aircraft, according to Chris. be! Saved from zenithair.com. Figures are based on factory prototype results, Length: 20ft 11in: Horizontal Tail Span: 7ft 4in: Rudder Tip Height: 8ft 7in: Empty Weight: 580lbs: Useful Load: 520lbs: Gross Weight: 1100lb: Wing Loading: 9.00psf: Fuel Capacity: 20 Gal. It offers a useful load of 1,000 lb (450 kg), which is double the 701's 500 lb (230 kg). 2.8 m.sq.. empty weight: 1,300 lbs. A Sport Pilot may fly any aircraft that meets the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft, and such aircraft does not need to change its certification category to be operated by a Sport Pilot. Tel: 573-581-9000 (Mon - Fri, 8-5 Central),    Gear, Click here or directly support engines. Of course, any headwind shortens the time and distance required … 236 kg. With its large tires and low stall speed, it truly earns its title as the “Sky Jeep”. 20 US Gal. The STANDARD Zenith STOL CH701 kit aircraft meets the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft as defined by “Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft” (7/20/04). engine mount and engine cowl. Light Sport Aircraft Regulations 3.0 m. wing span: 31 ft. 4 in. Follow us on . Range and endurance figures are quoted with no fuel reserves. installed. 132 lbs. The Specifications of the Zenith STOL CH701. additional detailed views of the STOL CH 701 weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by 122 sq. It is a popular replacement for the Rotax 582 2-stroke engine (which powered many STOL CH 701 aircraft in the eighties and nineties). 100 hp 90 Ft. 100Ft. Engine Limitations: 50 - 100 hp, up to 185    Tail 409 kg. It features a high-lift wing with fixed full length slots, flaperons, inverted elevator and a flying rudder. Kit was assembled by George Race residing at 3865 Gibbs Rd. All … Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1993-94 and Zenith Aircraft 144 Sq. Got an answer to my own question this evening. Detailed Description. rt. View Profile View Forum Posts Join Date May 2013 Location Tucson, AZ Posts 4. Baggage weight used was zero, although remnants of fishing gear and other personal items were found in the burnt wreckage, and a survival kit as required by regulation. 2.6 m. empty weight: 580 lbs. 29 Ft. 9 ln. Zenith Aircraft Company was formed in ’92 to manufacture and market the Chris Heintz designs created by Zenair. Zenith is presently housed in a 20,000- square-foot facility at the Mexico, Missouri airport. HIGH-LIFT DESIGN ... STOL CH 701 . 6.38 m. height (rudder tip) 8 ft. 7 in. I believe … All technical data, specifications and performance figures are subject to change without notice. 2007 Zenith CH701 – Aircraft is near-new form. STOL CH 750 Range and endurance figures are quoted with no fuel reserve. A fully-featured Zenith 701 model and livery pack developed specifically for Prepar3D 4.5+ (including P3Dv5) but may also work in FSX (with no guarantees). length: 20 ft. 11 in. It's a true country-aircraft. Steve 360 701 9605 Call or text is fine. 70 hours TT on both engine and airframe. specifications: stol ch 701: wing span: 27 feet: 8.2 m. wing area: 122 sq.ft. 9.55 m. wing area: 167 sq.ft. Alternative engines will affect performance, GregD. An inherently simple engine, It’s opposed six configuration makes it the smoothest of available power plants. Condition:Used. The CH 701 was first introduced in 1986. 590 kg. Ft. 580 Lbs. 701 assembly. 27 Ft. Oln. STOL CH 801, � Zenith Aircraft SPECIFICATIONS SPORT UTILITY PLANE The Original STOL CH 701 21 Ft. 11 ln. Thanks • Contact Steve Bankuti, - located Rochester, WA United States • Telephone: 360 701 9605 • Posted December 9, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad. Additional Classifications. Zenith CH701 The G1 is not a copy of the Zenith 701/750 series STOL planes, as outlined in our FAQ here . Zenith has the package kit for $20k, getting you everything but engine prop and instruments for the basic deal. total fuel, 21″ tundra main tires, vinyl wrap design, Viking steel ‘bungee’, dual toe brakes, dual controls, cabin heat. Model: 701 - Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, Material: Wooden case : Shape: Tablemodel, Mantel/Midget/Compact up to 14" width, but not a Portable (See power data. 3.1 m. horizontal tail area: 30 sq.ft. ", Zenith.Aero: MSHP reported the 2003 Zenith 701 single-engine plane was found crashed in a soybean field at 12:56 a.m. Investigators said it was determined the plane crashed early Thursday morning. General Specs (cont.) Power Loading: 13.75 lbs/bhp: Cabin Width: 40in: Cabin Width (bubble doors) 44in: Load Factor (G) ultimate +6/-3 g rt. It has amazing low speed handling thanks to its full length flap/aileron combo and great short field performance. 4 10 ln. Video: The nicest Zenith 701 ever built September 18, 2019 by General Aviation News Staff The Experimental Aircraft Channel recently released a two-part video series on YouTube featuring Jon Humberd of Cleveland, Tennessee, and his Zenith Aircraft CH701 “SUPER 701,” as he has named it. All technical data, 95 MPH 80 MPH 30 MPH 1 ,OOO rpm 12,000+ Ft. 400 miles 5 Hours The NEW STOL CH 750 21 Ft. 10 ln. 1881 Airport Road, Mexico Memorial Airport Zenith Aircraft CH701 is an all metal STOL (short take-off and landing) aircraft. design gross weight: 2,200 lbs. 520 Lbs. I figure another $3k for the rest of the junk you need, and then it's down to engine and prop. specification and performance figures subject to change without notice. ZENITH STOL CH 701 Serial number: 7-6120 Registration: N73EX Aircraft was built from a kit purchased from and supplied by Zenith Aircraft Company located at the Mexico Memorial Airport in Mexico MO 65265-0650 U.S.A. 1.6 m. horizontal tail span: 10 ft. 1 in. Also, the 05-04-2015, 08:47 PM #2. wing loading: 9.0 lbs/ft²: 43.8 m²: power loading: 13.75 lbs/bhp: 6.25 kg/bhp: design load factor (ultimate) +6 g / -3g With just me (175lbs) and light fuel the 701 stalled normally with no nose drop. Flying the STOL CH specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft. Zenith Aircraft Co. Home. Spec Sheet Zenith Aircraft STOL CH 701.    Wings PERFORMANCE AND SPECIFICATIONS. CH useful load: 520 lbs. It's a fun bush-flight aircraft that loves grass stips and very small GA aviation airfields. Surprisingly it is the same weight as the Rotax 582. Thanks in advance! Larger and heavier engines and other installed equipment will limit the useful load of the aircraft, and may disqualify the aircraft from meeting the defined category limits. In the early 90’s a four seat utility version, called the STOL CH 801, was introduced, followed by the light-sport CH 750 version aimed at the Sport Pilot market.