Hence, it can be concluded that an arc of length l will subtend l/r, the angle at the centre. You can also use the arc length calculator to find the central angle or the circle's radius. Perimeter of a sector The formula for the perimeter of a sector is 2 x radius + radius x angle x (π / 360). Here are a few more examples of perimeter of a sector.. A sector is said to be a part of a circle made of the arc of the circle along with its two radii. A circle is a locus of points equidistant from a given point located at the centre of the circle. You know the length of the radii so what remains is to find the length of the arc. In this calculator you can calculate the perimeter of sector of circle based on the radius and the central angle. Some examples for better understanding are discussed here. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9364362188888110"; /* 250 by 250 square ad unit */ google_ad_slot = "4250919188"; google_ad_width = 250; google_ad_height = 250; Example 2: Find the area of the sector when the radius of the circle is 16 units, and the length of the arc is 5 units. The perimeter should  be calculated by doubling the radius and then adding it to the length of the arc. Example 2 : What is the perimeter of the quadrant with radius 7.2 cm? Perimeter of a sector consists of the two radii and a curved section, which is the arc of the circle. It looks like a piece of pizza or a piece of a pie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We first need to find the length, l of the arc. The length of the same sector = (θ/360°)× 2πr. Subtracting 2r from both sides of the equation, `∴ θ/360xx2pir^=4r-2r`. The area of the sector is then. is 16.4 cm. View the source. Calculate the perimeter of the following sectors, correct to 1 decimal place. Therefore the circle will be divided into 8 parts, as per the given in the below figure; Now the area of the sector for the above figure can be calculated as (1/8) (3.14×r×r). The perimeter of a sector is composed of three pieces, an arc of the circle and two radii. //