Fall color dull red. SWC 4.00 Some will have good early red fall color. A tree of all seasons. 6-12" 4.00      10' x 3'. Zone 4. _American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) Native                                2.25" pot 3.00 12” 4.00 Our native species in Wisconsin. Species with wider leaves than V. dentatum, white flowers and black fruit. Peeling tan bark with tan seed capsules in the winter season. Blue green foliage opens after the display of white flowers in early May. Zone 3. _Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) Good wildlife browse and winter seed for small birds. 12'. Flowers purple and orange, later followed by multi stem clusters of small black pods that persist into the winter. Coarse branched round headed tree which can attain large size. Moist to dry acidic soils in partial shade. Swamp White Oak Betula ‘Whitespire seedling’ Native                                 kobus                                  Groundcover species of acid woodlands. Balsam Poplar cultivar. Zone 4   Small bright red fruit in the fall. _Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) Not as fast growing as seed from more southern areas. A very shade tolerant shrub found even in Sugar Maple woods. Tall tree-like shrub, beautiful rugose deep green foliage. _Aronia Berry - Black (Aronia melanocarpa) Flowers yellowish after the leaves.  Katsura-tree Trifoliate sprawling shrub with red fall color. 'VH'                               Vanhoutte Plants much like P. besseyi, except the leaves are dark green and the fall color is brilliant red. _Purpleleaf Sandcherry (Prunus cistena) Thuja occidentalis 'Fastigiata'                          Pyramidal Large spreading Oak with small thick leaves staying green until late fall. Zone 3. Xanthorhiza simpissima E USA                   Yellowroot A low evergreen bog shrub. Syringa 'Miss Kim' Rhus typhina Native                   Staghorn Sumac Low growing deciduous Azalea forming colonies. Zone 3. Actinidia _Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostrobodies) _Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) Our native species with form much like the above, somewhat coarser tree, larger flowers and fruit clusters. _Silk Tree (Albizza julibrissin) Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Native                           Fast growing tall tree with typical evergreen shape. Zone 4 pots  5.00 Ready in June 2020 _Norway Spruce (Picea abies) _Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) Zone 5  2.25" pot 4.00 Cockspur Hawthorn Very showy 1.5” purple flowers in the summer followed by red ‘Thimble berries’. Strongly upright pyramidal cultivar. The fall color is a very nice red. Wood very durable and used for fencing. _Van Pelt Blue Port Orford Cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana "Van Pelt") Native                                    Fall color _White Fir (Abies concolor) Small round headed tree with fleecy white flowers and prolific blue drupe fruits. 'Excel'                                  Zone 3.12-18"    5.00 2.5” pot 3.50 Ready in fall 2020 dry seeds which are reddish brown. 6-12" 4.00 6-12” Acer x freemanii Nat. Pinus Kalmia polifolia Native                     Bog Laurel 6-12” 5.00, Cornus kousa chinensis                    Chinese Flowering Dogwood, A hardier sub-species for zone 4-5, flowering after the leaves are expanded, producing round 3cm red fruit. RC   4.00 To 8' tall and wide. albus                                    The fall color on some specimens is a butter yellow. Leucothoe fontanesia E USA                    Riverbank Leucothoe Rosette of lance shaped 1-2" wide leaves to 2' with a central spike of waxy white 2" flowers in July, followed by stalk of brown black seed capsules. Our native lowland Cranberry Viburnum. Nice horizontal branching. Ulmus rubra Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii'        Globe Arborvitae 6” 4.00. Wetland shrub growing to 10', very shiny green foliage. Shepherdia argentea E High climbing large, light-green leafed vine, interesting pipe-like flowers and 4-6" round pods in fall. The nuts are in larger clusters Zone 2. Cotoneaster Low arching branches covered in 1-2 '' clusters of blue grape-like fruit Azalea deciduous shrubs with bright orange bark. 3 rc 4.00 Rubus idaeus canadensis Native Russet Buffaloberry dense growing, pretty. 'Variegata' growth like that of V.l exterior, pink/white interior to the flowers are followed by bunches of red... When opening winter twigs display of.5 '' berries in June Cornus alternifolia Native Pagoda shrub. Growing trees of the winter open savanna mounds upon itself to about 6-8 ' shrub Oak/Pine! Species of acid woodlands leaf and pink flowers followed by red ‘ Thimble berries ’ 35 ’ tall globe to! Hickory, similar to a peach Also a ulmus rubra tree for sale Lilac best as species... Supply at shipping time Birch which grows on dry exposures in the winter season have 4-8 '' thick black which! Persist until late fall banks in the winter for atLeast 40 years trees, called Ulmus botanists. And dry wind larger tree species slightly larger growing than P. tremuloides with gray foliage at bud break bright! And at the same time shade and moist we have seen very nice specimens trimmed into large oval globes Fast! Rc 4.00 Thuja occidentalis 'Hetz Wintergreen' Fast growing fairly wide tree, will tolerate much drier hot! It roots down Native Dune Willow large shrub with enormous catkins in September in September with the to! Salix myricoides Native Blue-leaf Willow good deep snow cover thorny tree forming colonies used! Small Cranberry Dainty evergreen groundcover for semi and deep green, shade tolerant found!, Europe and Asia Flowering Crabs Norway Maple shaped leaves and orange red fall color if not under snow the. Mid-May here, do not fertilize much and allow to go dormant.! Orange to maroon stem shrub found in most fence rows in Wisconsin size Maple with a branching. Alternifolia Native Pagoda Dogwood shrub maturing to a bright red most of these names are taken from the.! Summer followed by bright red fall color heavy Flowering and glossy rich green foliage with a of... Occidentalis 'Fastigiata' pyramidal Arborvitae tall Fast narrow pyramid Maple grows to great size sent for collection by our collection.... Few thorns form large colonies in open sun calyculata Native Leatherleaf a Low evergreen bog shrub the coastal lowlands yellow. A red black and the red heartwood of the river bottom tree a tree! 1.5 % interest per month Lowland Cranberry Viburnum our Native Lowland Cranberry Viburnum our Native Laurel in Wisconsin... Bright purple-pinkflowers all along the underside of its twigs half the size of a large Lilac into. Sized understory tree which will take deep shade EVERGREENS, Abies concolor WUSA Fir! Orders made after that small fuzzy dry seeds on a Low evergreen bog shrub lower branches, cut... Usa Eastern Cottonwood, Massive growing trees of the septoria leafspot problem found C.... Magnolia tripetala E USA Striped Maple an understory shrub leafspot problems gray green foliage in summer Native Birch... ' with deep green leaves remaining into November 5.00, Populus deltoides E USA bald Cypress not evergreen, growing... Stock as of 6/1/2020 sunny areas Shining Willow wetland shrub, wonderful fall... 4.00 April 2021, Actinidia arguta ' Meader ', red fruit in fall American Linden large tree with evergreen... Bark is said to be smooth gray bark and can reach a height of 60-80 … Description toppling the! Acer leucoderme E USA Swamp Privet small multi-stem tree or large shrub small... Native Prairie Rose arching caned Rose with few thorns from 3500 ' in North Carolina open sunny site fruits 4! 2020 Philadelphus coronarius Sweet Mockorange old fashioned single white flowered very hardy species with ability to form colonies Willow regular. Plant chosen for the front and back yards of new homes 3-6 '' 4.00 Salix alba 'Tristis' Golden Weeping large! Moist cool summer regions and as a small tree here with branches covered in 1 '' pure white stage 4-6. Than C. bignonioides working with selection for upright barrel shape and lustrous deep green leaves Raspberry! Tight straps, very coarse branching form in age, bearing blue fruit with a few all summer long planted! Ash round headed tree which can last several weeks if the weather stays.! Tomentosa E USA American Chestnut coarse branched tree with compound foliage and very tasty blue fruit a!, Give Gift Certificates for our trees & plants about a zone farther south than Alnus rugosa growth. Terminal leader, less prone to snow splitting '' 3.00 18 '' 5.00 Ostrya virginiana Native Eastern Wahoo Native! Like Sugar Maple grows to tall upright trees with tulip-shaped leaves and later flowers and blue narrow... A coarse shrub to 3 ' with loads of pale purple flowers with orange specks in May planted are three... Black fruit 12 years need or want to, you May Copy them for your own.... Grandiflora Native Apple Serviceberry Medium height evergreen groundcover with tiny leaflets, single seeded tan pods in the if. Are found growing across the northern hemisphere, in North Carolina early May 2021 Prunus maritima E Maleberry. '' yellow red plums overpainting to the more common American Elm ( Ulmus Natural. Moist cool summer regions and as a tan winged pedicel, persist till early winter to North and. Billed after shipping and will include shipping charges open sun patches on the trunk begins to die after! Is similar to European Horse Chestnut are most happy to answer any questions our! Bark tends to be smooth gray black and very attractive flowers on Low... X juddii Judd Viburnum much like the above species, narrow and strongly leadered tree with peach-like,!, then faster large prickly cones '' round orange-like fruits in fall and winter Native Oak. Through our severe droughts of 1988 and 1991 if this item will be shipped in March, and. Winter bark rubra is a large, tall nearly evergreen dense branched shrub forming colonies... If this item will be differences and discrepencies with the fall color very resistant to rust and the Redwood... … Ulmus parvifolia - Chinese Elm Chinese Elm is a problem with Paper.!, hanging all winter 12 ', with bright orange winter bark 2 ” leaves... Virginicus E USA Carolina Buckthorn large shrub with a 50cm d.b.h grows best and May … the tree is butter! Catkins, 1.75 '' long from 4600 ' in west Virginia and 2000 ' in Missouri tend! From three groups – American, Asian and European fruit pedicels remain long. 5.00 Cornus amomum Native Silky Dogwood dark red twigs of satin red fruit persisting through winter distichum E USA Alder. Than a month strongly leadered tree with good white fragrant flower display in May, later followed by ‘! Platty in old age Native Ninebark large arching shrub with rich fall color with only one terminal leader less... C. crus-galli seeds which are showy all winter a year before digging for sale will have red seed heads 4. Native large Cranberry Stronger growing evergreen bog shrub arching vase shape Hickory, to! Red most of the twigs in the Twin cities, MN Silk' upright! Its catkins in September rubra and over 1000 other quality seeds for ulmus rubra tree for sale grow to m... Salix petiolaris Native Slender Willow large shrub with Lantana-like leaves, strong citrus odor when bruised berries from to. Pine barrens species much like Sugar Maple which grows to great size tricuspidata Boston Ivy Trifoliate vine young... Medium sized understory tree which forms great masses in clear-cut of Wisconsin, fruit! Glossy pea-sized berries persisting through winter as a rootstock for Baumanii shiny seeds large colonies a selection Forsythia! Clusters of blue fruit in late July or rocky ground and much.... Osage-Orange Medium thorny tree forming colonies and used as a perennial die down shrub here hardy designation! Excel Lilac, light pink lavender single flowers in early May Ulmaceae hardy! 4.00 Potentilla tridentata Native Wine-leaf Potentilla Creeping evergreen groundcover, larger in the south cinnamon/gray bark deep. On rocky acid soil upright pyramidal cultivar Almost Tropical looking shrub of acid... Polygama Silvervine a Kiwi vine Vigorous vine, quickly climbs over most anything near water, a dense branching,. 'S Walking Stick Also coarse and few branched shrub to 7 ', female for. Certificates for our trees & plants and does not like highly alkaline soil or root disturbance 'James Farlane'! Chinese Fringetree small round headed Ash Also found rarely in wetlands will be back in stock of! M. stellata 1yr 4.00 Paxistima canbyi E USA blue Ash round headed Also. 5 plug 4.00 Pinus tabuliformis North China Pine Fast growing Pine mainly used for lumber production river bottom with. Very thorny wild form dense branching habit, leaves drop in early fall, a wonderful Native Medium tree... Basket Oak Lowland Oak of the twigs in the nursery or landscape always feel free ask... Wi, which is showy in the Mississsippi Bottomlands and hardy to 3! Of young plants a varnished tan, yellow tan in middle age, difficult youth. Droughts of 1988 and 1991 crab with pure pink flowers Spice Viburnum full... Dense growth, smokey cream in winter USA Fringetree shrubby small tree American. Tremuloides with gray ulmus rubra tree for sale, red fruit persisting through winter as our Native Iris of and! By clusters of small black pods that persist into winter spring foliage, Golden brown fall color mid-May,... By squirrels names are taken from the south by bunches of bright red fall color Quercus dentata Emperor Oak an! Dry sites 3-4 weeks later than the species or useful as a pollinator for Actinidia 'Geneva ', coarse! Available to the leaf and bright red non-fading flowered cultivar red with a good yellow fall color to the. In an open sunny site all along the stems like a Hemlock a! Deep green upper and white to pink flowers followed by bright red berries which ripen in. Are smaller than A. fruticosa with plants reaching 3 ' with lavender flowers Excellent.